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GCMAG is a generation of change working outside the bounds of traditional media we are proud of what we have achieved since our launch in 2007 as Australia’s first digital magazine. Giving everyone great insight into the new media revolution!

GCMAG’s key focus is keeping the X and Y Generation in the need to know when it comes to fashion, music and lifestyle.
Our brand is strong; our passion is real, and our content is current, relevant and informative. From an idea in 2007 to a rank in the top 3000 websites in Australia and top 200,000 worldwide

Our readership has taken us from a local magazine to an internationally read source of information. Now viewed on every continent and 180+ countries with readers located in over 5200 cities worldwide.
We have always had a key focus on being a 100% green publication and having a dedicated charitable arm
providing awareness to not for profits and charity’s alike.

Our publication complemented by its digital design and ability to source and publish content from all corners of the globe in a short turn around. Along with a large organic social media following is proof that GCMAG understands the modern world and keeps our readers engaged with current and diverse content.

People who read GCMAG are savvy, smart and going places with a mix of male and female in the 18-35 demographic with university level education and financial stability.

The Reach

GCMAG’s reach has been growing rapidly since 2007 from a local magazine to an internationally read source of information, to having GCMAG viewed now on every continent and over 180 countries with readers located in 5000+ cities worldwide.

Our publications digital nature allows for further distribution and sharing via our users also providing exposure to people; you may not reach via traditional print media.

The majority of our readership is based here in Australia with 71% of our readers in country.

Readers In
Different Cities Of
+ Social Users

The Benefits

GCMAG is a leader in the digital publication industry and has been since our launch in 2007 as Australias first digital magazine, this has provided many unique challenges but only for us. Our advertisers have yielded some fantastic benefits by aligning with us over the past decade; a few are outlined below.

Internationally Read

From a local magazine with a large Australian readership to an internationaly read source of information with readers located in over 5200 cities from 180+ different countries

Cost Effective Marketing

In this new world of Digital Media we are happy to say that we can offer cost effective marketing to our clients, something our traditional media competitors cant do.

100% Green

We take pride in being a Digital media company which allows us to have a minimal environmental foot print in comparison to our traditional print partners and we didnt just stop there we have also implemented many strategies to take us to the next level.

Notable Features

Our team of dedicated writers and contributors interview hundreds of notable people exclusively for the pages of GCMAG and our little black book insures we will be bringing in plenty of original content.

Mobile Readers

With millennials checking their phone on average every 10 minutes our content is absorbed at a much higher rate than print media
This is why it is important to market in the digital space

Readers Going Places

People who read GCMAG are usually university educated and are regular consumers of Fashion , Entertainment
and Travel news and products with a need to have the latest and greatest while having the occasional beverage.

A Tech Savvy Audience

Part of an instant news and entertainment generation born by 24-hour news cycles, Readers of GCMAG have access to the latest tech and expertise to stay up to date with the newest content available.

Targeted Content

We provide our readers  the latest in breaking fashion , music and lifestyle content we currently operate relationships within several international hubs all generating content for the X and Y generation.

Community Minded Attitude

We provide ourselves on being a community minded publication offering support to many causes in our local and international community, and also enforcing a strict code of editorial conduct to prevent harm from placement

Our Readers

GCMAG’s readers are something of a great bunch if we do say so ourselves, hailing from all corners of the globe and reading our content on many different devices …

Male Readership 47%
$120-130,000 p.a
$120-130,000 p.a

Female Readership 53%
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Travel Buffs
Auto & Vehicles
Apparel & Accessories
Movie Lovers

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In Issue

GCMAG is unique in the way we deliver content and how its created, we dont just work in one arena we provide content from many including Fashion, Music, Lifestyle and Sport with industry leaders working on new content every cycle.

Every issue of GCMAG is compiled by industry leaders in content hubs worldwide


Creative fashion shoots, photography that good it writes a story. Models sharing advice for real people. Interviews with top stylists, photographers and models, including the latest trends and how to wear them. Quality images and content that speaks for itself!


moves the sole and motivates the mind! Music is the driving force at GCMAG, bringing every issue together along with the world’s best artists backed by the best record labels, allowing us to bring you a respected source of music news and interviews. All things music, ever changing!


Generation change and the days of multitasking for all, living life to the fullest, squeezing every second out of the day, knowing the facts, being inspired and healthy. Our readers are active, enjoy a challenge and are not afraid of change. They are up to date and every second they learn more, see more and want more than ever before. Cashed up and ready to spend.